Darling River Journey

Project Overview

  1. Volker Kuchelmeister
  2. 2009
  3. Interactive Immersive Installation

For the Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre, Outback New South Wales, Australia.

The Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre, funded with over 3 million dollar through the Sustainable Regions federal program, is nestled in a spectacular natural setting amongst the river red gums on the banks of the Darling River in Bourke NSW. The Centre allows to experience a journey through life in the back country; rediscovering the stories of Australia through modern eyes, taking you from the rich cultural history of the past through to the future of the Australian Outback.This world-class centre employs a series of interactive installations and stunning visual screen displays to immerse visitors with stories of the Australian Outback, bringing them to life and actively engaging visitors with the area’s rich history.

Back of Bourke Exhibition Centre

The iCinema Centre was commissioned to develop a key exhibit for the BackOBourke Exhibition Centre, a Historical Darling River Journey in form of a Interactive Immersive Installation. It consists of a 3m hemispherical immersive projection environment, the iDome, a custom user interface and a custom application.

A 360º video recording on the Darling River on the replica paddle steamer “PV Jandra” forms the background for this interactive video installation. Additional narrative layers, superimposed historical photographs and voice over by a local historian, provide information of the highlights along the way. The visitors can freely control their gaze and jump to places of interest with a custom build user interface.

Installation at the Back of Bourke Exhibition Centre

Video documentation