1. Directors: Dennis Del Favero, Ross Gibson, Ian Howard, Jeffrey Shaw
  2. Writer and Video Director: Ross Gibson
  3. Video Editor/Compositor/ Cinematographer: Greg Ferris
  4. Project Manager: Kate Dennis
  5. Production Manager: Damian Leonard
  6. Production and Technical Co-Ordinator: Volker Kuchelmeister
  7. Production Assistant: Allison Bisshop
  8. Software Developer/Co-Ordinator: Matt McGinity
  9. Software Developer: Keir Smith, Joachim Tesch
  10. Audio Engine Software Developer: Teewon Tan, Craig Jin, Andre Van Schaik, Dennis Lin, Alan Kan
  11. The Computing and Audio Research Laboratory: CARlab, University of Sydney
  12. Character Animator/3D Modeller: Guido Wolters, Steve Weymouth, Andy Homan
  13. Sound Designer: Robert Hindley
  14. Panoramic Still Photographer: Peter Murphy
  15. Technical Director/Sound: Max Harrison
  16. Props and Costumes Designer: Imogen Ross
  17. Hair and Makeup Stylist: Sue Carroll
  18. Line Producer: Sue Midgley
  19. Camera Operators: Katharina Klodt, Jodie Smith
  20. NIDA Team: Amanda Morris, James Tait, Lisa Lipson, Jeavons
  21. Ronald Ryan: Tim Burns
  22. Peter Walker: Scott Williams
  23. Ryan’s Mother: Mercia Deane-Johns
  24. Prison Chaplain: Craig Coventry
  25. Premier Bolte: Tony Girdler
  26. Justice Starke: Ted Bennett
  27. Leader Of The Prosecution: David Robbins
  28. Leader Of The Defence: Stephen Holt
  29. State Hangman: Damien Parker
  30. Prison Officer: Kristen Throw
  31. George Hodgson’s Ghost: Simon Mills
  32. Anti-Hanging Campaigner: Kath Parle
  33. Extras: Daniel Heckenburg, Casey Whitelaw, Nick Mariette


  1. The iCinema Centre gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of:
  2. The Australian Research Council;
  3. University of New South Wales – College of Fine Arts and Faculty of Engineering, School of Computer Science and Engineering;
  4. National Institute of Dramatic Art;
  5. CARlab at the University of Sydney;
  6. ZKM, Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany;
  7. the Powerhouse Museum.
  1. It acknowledges the support of:
  2. dedece;
  3. Xenon Systems;
  4. Harbour Street Management;
  5. 3 Arts Make-Up Centre;
  6. Penny Hagan;
  7. Anthony Speed;
  8. Jackie Farkis;
  9. Milvia Harder;
  10. Chameleon Touring Systems.

Funded by:
Australian Research Council Discovery Grant: The reformulation of narrative within digital cinema as the integration of three models of interactivity.