AVIE Components

AVIE: External view

Panoramic Immersive Stereoscopic 3D Visualisation System

This consists of a cylindrical silvered screen 4 metres high and 10 metres in diameter on which 3D panoramic images sequences and videos are projected. The 6 projectors use active shuttering technology to deliver stereoscopic 3D to end users, and the images from the individual projectors are seamlessly blended by custom software developed in-house at iCinema. 6 high-performance image generators, capable of processing images and videos as well as rendering large virtual environments in real time, are linked to the projectors to
deliver the full immersive 3D experience.

AVIE: Projector set up

Intelligent Vision-Based Interaction and Motion Tracking Systems

This provides a multi-purpose sensory environment for unencumbered tracking of viewer movement and gesture, offering a large range of motion capture and interaction design functions. Covering the entire AVIE area, the system is able to accurately track the spatial position and movements of up to thirty people. When applied to smaller groups of up to five people, it generates high-resolution three dimensional voxel models of their body movements and gestures, enabling real time motion tracking and some gesture recognition.

AVIE: volumetric voxel tracking

Panoramic Spatialized Audio System

Directly complementing the unique visualisation and interaction features of AVIE is its spatialised audio system. This is a twentyfour channel system with custom surround audio application software. This system enables fully immersive 360 degree placement of sound anywhere around the viewers. As with visual projection, the audio system can be coupled with the Intelligent Vision-Based Interaction and Motion Tracking Systems to allow voices to ‘follow’ projected characters, or to be activated only when viewers move within ‘earshot’ of the virtual audio sources, or correctly perform some task.

AVIE: Spatialised Audio System